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Huddle FAQ'S

Huddle FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to the most common questions about Huddles.

Q. How often do Huddles meet?

A. The answer to this question varies. Some groups meet every week while others meet every other week. Twice a month should be minimum. Emphasis is placed on meeting consistently.

Q. When do FCA Huddles meet?

A. Again the answer is varied. Many meet on campus during club hour. Others meet before school, during lunch, after school, and still others meet in the evening.

Q. Where do FCA Huddles meet?

A. Because of the Equal Access Act of 1984 and the Supreme Court's validation of this law in 1990, many FCA Huddles still meet on junior or senior high campuses. Considering the potential transportation obstacle, this is often where junior high Huddles meet. Meeting in a home can provide the best group atmosphere.

Q. Who leads a Huddle?

A. If a Huddle meets on school property as a non-curriculum club, the Huddle must be student led. This does not preclude an athletic coach or interested volunteer from facilitating the student meetings. Most schools require non-curriculum clubs to have a faculty representative.

Adults working with Huddles must take care not to dominate the leadership but to encourage the officers to take charge of the Huddle meeting schedule. The coach or volunteer is there to provide counsel and to maintain order.

Q. Who can participate in a Huddle?

A. As the purpose states, FCA is targeted at reaching athletes and coaches. In order to best reach this group through the Huddle, participants for Huddles are to be current or former members of recognized school athletic teams and those who carry an interest in athletics. FCA should not become an exclusive "club," with restricted membership, however, a key principle in FCA's strategy for reaching "athletes and coaches" is for the commonality of athletics with those in the group to remain obvious.

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